Roxana Hazlett, owner of Translations Unlimited is a native of San José, Costa Rica. Married in 1972 to a military husband, Roxana traveled the world with her husband and during this time she experienced the barriers that exist between different languages and the need for accurate and professional interpretation skills needed to bridge the gap between people of different cultures. Roxana volunteered to work with the Red Cross and Medical Professionals while in Europe and gained the skills necessary to bring people of all languages together and communicate accordingly. Upon her return to the United States, Roxana became a United States Citizen.

In 1993, she applied her interpretation skills by doing on site interpretations in court rooms, and different hospitals around the Cincinnati area and the need for interpretations and document translations seemed to be growing enormously Therefore in 1996, Translations Unlimited opened its doors to hospitals, court rooms, police agencies, and the general public. Skilled and experienced interpreters became part of the TU family supplying all languages to fulfill the need of the communities. Today, Translations Unlimited is known by all agencies as the most reliable professional interpretation service in the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

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