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Translation and interpretation are not the same thing. Although the terms interpretation and translation are often used interchangeably, translation is not interpreting.

Interpreting is translation in spoken form and is a completely different skill. Interpreters need good listening, speaking and inter-personal skills, and their writing ability is not used.

There are three different types of interpretation:

  • Sight translation: It is the oral translation of a text. One example would be when a consecutive interpreter at a press conference is handed a prepared statement in English and asked to read it aloud, in the target language.
  • Simultaneous interpretation: It is the oral translation of spoken language into another language, at the same time and at the same rate of speech as the speaker.
  • Consecutive interpretation: In consecutive interpreting, an interpreter listens to what a speaker says in one language and renders that meaning in the second language after the speaker has finished.

Translation is the accurate rendering of a document into another language so that it is suitable for its intended purpose. To be effective, a translation must be complete and accurate but also grammatically correct, stylistically appropriate and terminologically consistent. For that reason, translators need good writing skills.

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